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Shamanism, the oldest spiritual practice known on earth, can be defined as a  series of ceremonies and practices that are done in partnership with the Spirit World for the purpose of healing and obtaining knowledge. Shamanic “journeying” is the visionary method used to explore non-ordinary realms known mostly through myth, legend, and dream. In an altered state the Shamanic Practitioner addresses the spiritual aspects of illness, removes negative energies, performs soul retrievals, returns lost personal power, receives oracles, helps the spirit of departed ones to cross over, and provides ceremonies for the well-being of the community.


Soul Retrieval

When we are traumatized or abused often our spirit leaves our body to protect us from severe shock or permanent injury thus leaving us incomplete and vulnerable to what Shaman's may call a loss of soul - a vacuum, a hole, or an inherent weakness that can result in chronic problems, neurotic patterns, a personality change, an inability to cope with loss or grief, terminal illness, drug addictions, depression, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, violent tendencies, anti-social behaviors, etc. We all know someone who “has never been the same since…”


In the Soul Retrieval ritual, the Shamanic Healer journeys to the other world to search for any “soul parts” that are willing to come back - bringing back attributes that will help with healing and  knowledge needed at this time. In this ceremony, the missing parts are “retrieved” and literally placed into the client’s spirit body. Thus begins the journey of integrating the returned spirit into all aspects of  one's life.

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Power Retrieval


All of us have experienced a loss of personal power following trauma, illness or operation, physical, mental or emotional abuse, violence, or injury.


This loss could manifest in chronic pain or chronic illness, addictions, depression, a run of bad luck, insomnia, neurosis, mental illness, or fatigue.


The role of the Shamanic Healer is to journey to the non-ordinary world to find the lost power and to return it to the client by realigning them with a Power Animal who can bring them back attributes of strength and wisdom.


Extraction / Intrusion

When we lose power or a piece of ourselves we can become like magnets that attract negative energy that can lead to negative thoughts, bad habits, and poor coping mechanisms thus perhaps setting the stage for chronic problems, dysfunctionality, bad luck, and even physical disease. 


By removing these “intrusions” we return power and well-being to the client.  Shamanism is the practice of healing the spiritual aspect of disease and illness.


It is not a substitute for allopathic medicine or psychotherapy.

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When the body dies, the spirit begins its journey by leaving our ordinary world behind. But sometimes because of unresolved conflicts, because of negative beliefs about ourselves, because of our attachments to our loved ones or our property, or the suffering and attachment that we leave behind, the transmigration out of this realm can be difficult.


Sometimes a death can be so violent, so unexpected, that a person does not know they are dead and they can remain suspended here, a spirit without a body. They can “haunt” the earth or loved ones. The ritual of Psychopomp is designed to assist the Soul's journey up and out. As in all shamanic rituals, permission must be granted by the loved ones left behind and by the spirit that is departing.

Sand Storm



Sometimes a trauma or injury can be so severe that the resulting power/soul loss can create a giant hole or vacuum in the individual and if a person happens to be in the vicinity of lost souls, he/she can actually attract a disembodied spirit entity or thought form into themselves. Locations where disembodied spirits are often found are bars, hospitals, cemeteries, roadside scenes of accidents, battle fields, etc. The possessing spirit enters into the vulnerable person, taking up the slack, presenting with personality changes, sudden illnesses, unusual tendencies, the onset of full addictions, even a change of artistic abilities or way of expressing themselves, etc. Over time, the possessing spirit integrates into the whole being of its host, often not aware of what it is doing. 


The Shamanic Healer who is trained in depossession work will be able to remove the intruding spirit and help them on their journey.  Then will bring power and healing back to the client, often teaching ways to purify their homes and their bodies, thus cleansing their environment from any negative debris left behind.

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Drumming Circles

A Drumming Circle is made up of community members who come together to practice shamanic ceremonies for the well-being of the Circle, their families, and the larger community. 


Usually there is drumming with shamanic instruments along with singing and dancing to call in Shamanic Power and Spirit that raises the vibrational level of the gathering.  There will follow a “journey” ceremony that you will be instructed in to find healing and wisdom and often this is followed by individual healing work. Some drums and rattles are provided.


Sometimes the evening ends with a pot luck supper and there is no fee for the event, however bringing a dish to share is highly encouraged.  I intend to offer a Drumming Circle monthly on the second Saturday from 7-9 PM. 

Jan. 12, Feb. 9, Mar 9, Apr. 13, May 11, June 15, July 13, Aug. 10, Sep. 14, Oct. 12, Nov. 9, Dec. 14. 

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Remote Healing

Remote Healing

All of the Shamanic rituals I offer can also be performed Long Distance.  All I require is permission from the client (or parent of a child involved), the location of the client, and initial telephone contact. 


As well as the Shamanic work, I also perform Energy Body Healing, Clearing of Homes and Offices and Property, Pets, and long distance evaluation of a person's condition then followed by a “treatment.”


A session usually lasts an hour.  The results can be miraculous.

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Ceremony is an intrinsic part of our lives - often neglected or superficially done in the modern world of electronic devices and social media.  In ancient times, there were ceremonies for many aspects of the lives of individuals and communities.  Ceremonies are performed in higher frequencies thus have deeper impact on the psyche and are intended to connect the physical world with the Divine for transformation and for healing.  Many Shamanic rituals offered here are practiced in ceremonial fashion. Other ceremonies might include coming of age, marriage,  prayer trees, name gifting, etc.

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Community is the heart of civilization, spanning the threads of time.  We have always needed Community - for survival, for celebration, for protection, for healing.  Shaman can serve as a healer, storyteller, and a keeper of wisdom-but most of all, teaches Sandra Ingerman, "Shamans radiate a light that uplifts everybody." I offer free events for local Communities, open to all, for the purpose of bringing us together to celebrate life and each other.  Whether it is Earth Day, a Winter Solstice, a Full Moon Ceremony, a dedication of land or structure, I design and lead activities that bring unity and honor the Spirit of each Community.

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Sweat Lodge


The Sweat Lodge Ceremony, older than recorded history, was created to facilitate healing, purification, and connection with Source.  It is a very physical way to pray. It is a shamanic practice where we leave our material world and return to the womb of Grandmother Earth created inside the Lodge. Here we connect with Spirit to bring healing, wisdom, and knowledge back to our everyday lives. Special rocks are heated in a ceremonial fire then brought to the center of the Lodge where we pour water, journey, and pray. In my Lodge four different rounds are done to the four directions.  There often appear divination and oracles, both personal and communal. Folks journey and pray for their individual needs and intentions.


I pour water for my Wolf Lodge on my land in Spring, Summer, and Fall.  If you wish to participate in a Lodge, please contact me and I will send you the necessary detailed information as it becomes available. Please see the Events page for details on any events held.

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