Energy Body Healing

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          Humans have a Physical Body and an Energy Body, sometimes called the “emotional body.”  It is made up of frequencies, colors, vibrations, movement, chakra energy centers, dan tiens, vortexes, and discs, etc.  Not a lot is understood about this vibratory body which serves as our interface with the outside physical world.  Our Energy Bodies can inform us of who is in front of us, who we are, how we feel, why we are here, what we need, etc.  When we experience injuries to this Body that do not get fully resolved, we can develop coping mechanisms to “get by.”  Often this modus operandi can become the more visible problem or issue, such as addictions, depression, anxiety, neurosis, psychosis, PTSD, etc.

        The Energy Body also holds our biographies which can sometimes carry injured frequencies - that when evoked, can make our lives very difficult and painful at a moment's notice.  Even if we have worked painstakingly with therapy to analyze and process past negative experiences, if the wounded frequencies are not healed, we are doomed to repeat or re-experience past traumas and past injuries or the impact that the loss of self imposes.  All in an instant.

        I find that the quality of my life is directly related to how well my Physical Body and my Energy Body relate to each other.  How I treat myself.  How I love myself. How I care for myself.  Often people have no idea who is “running the show”  within themselves.  I work with clients so they are able to bring themselves into alignment, ground, and then cleanse.  

        I work with clients to resolve some of the old, injured frequencies as well as to renegotiate how they respond to crises, traumas, and challenges -  what I call “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

        The Energy Work I offer is performed in conjunction with cutting-edge Bodywork, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, and Zero Balancing.  Shamanic Ceremonies are commonly recommended for healing the past biographical injuries.


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