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Welcome! The path to wellness and happiness lies in integrating all parts of oneself in balance with the world around us - the physical body - the energy body -  the spirit body.  Energy Body healing involves working with the historical and emotional aspects of oneself to bring about resolution and unity within and without. The ancient practice of Shamanism is offered in partnership with Spirit to bring wholeness and harmony by healing the spiritual aspect of disease or injury.  Working in concert with the forces of nature and the echoes of our ancestors, shamanic healing can bring us into harmony with the world around us and reveal wisdom for life's deepest questions. 

 © Alex Grey

For Physical Body healing, please visit me at Catskill Mountain Massage Therapy which offers a wide variety of massage and alternative healing modalities to reinvigorate, renew, and recenter your Physical Body. Connect with me today and enhance your journey to true healing and wellness.


"I believe I am here not to “fix” the problems of others but to assist them in their journey towards wholeness and health."

Cynthia Crisp, Licensed Massage Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Teacher

Jeffersonvile, New York
Office: 917-797-9834  :;  SMS: 917-797-9834

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